BMW EVM Autokraft Kochi – XDrive

Germans, they are exceptionally good at making things. The best tools and machines  come from Germany. They have the only highway in the world where you can drive a car at its top speed, without breaking the law. They are also particularly good at making cars. In fact, they are so good at it that the three major luxury car makers are German.  Some call it the Holy Trinity of luxury. Without a doubt,  am talking about Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.  All three have competing cars in every segment, all three have equally good reputation for quality and performance. So what makes them different from one another ?

It was a quite Sunday morning. Birds chirping, everyone sleeping in, tucked into their cozy beds. But for us, it was an exciting day ahead, because, we were headed for the BMW XDrive event!

BMW Xdrive event 2017

We were told to report to the BMW EVM Autokraft in Kalamassery (Kochi) at 10 AM.  So we did, and after a short intro and a delicious breakfast,  we were escorted into a convoy of BMW cars, ranging from the 3 Series GT to the 5 series.  We quickly got into the 3 series GT as we secretly had a crush on it since the time  it came out.  But we weren’t allowed to drive it. BMW had assigned a driver for us, to take us to the event. What a shame, we would have loved to get our hands on her.  By her, we mean the car and not the driver. The driver was a man. It would be terribly inappropriate.

However, we quickly found ourselves in an open field with a few cows roaming around. This is where the track was laid out. This field must be acres in size, with a river flowing by the side. On the way, I made a little chit chat with our driver and he said, that last week, Ford was doing a similar off-road event there and a cow, agitated by all the red colored Ford Endeavour’s , broke loose and attacked all the red cars in its sight. Denting most of them. Now, I found that mildly funny,  because my colleague was wearing a red t-shirt. What if a cow chases him around ? I would certainly video record it and put it on youtube, but then I wouldn’t have a photographer … Plagued by the story of the mad cow, we went into the tent where the event was about to start.

BMW Xdrive event 2017

The instructors gave us a fair bit of off-roading instructions and we were told to choose a car and take the driving seat.  The choice of cars we had were the X5 30d M Sport, X3 M Sport, and the X1 with the M sport package.

The choice was simple, we took the X5!

Have you ever driven a house around ? That’s almost how big this car is.  You can live in here and still have space to throw a small party! The huge comfy seats and the luxurious interior keeps reminding you that you either rich or a celebrity, or both.  The command this car provides is just sinful.

BMW Xdrive event 2017

Now, I assumed that this car being so huge and weighing more than 2 tonnes, would be slow and must be difficult to drive. Boy was I wrong!  The TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder motor catapulted us forward and into the first obstacle.  It was a mud pit with a steep climb. Now I was feeling less skeptic about the power this car can produce. Turns out, it produces close to 260 horses and combining that with 560 Nm of torque at 1500 rpms, you can pretty much pull an elephant the other way.

One after the other, we put this car through its paces on the track, doing things we never thought possible on a car of this size. At some points I could hear a high pitched squeal from my colleague and another passenger  sitting in the back. Can’t blame them, I did the same when my colleague was driving.

BMW Xdrive event 2017

We got off at the end of the track and got in line for the next car. Then I noticed that all the cows have mooooved  on to the other end of the field.  Well, that’s a relief, because the next car coming towards us was a red X3.

While we were getting in the X3, I noticed  the huge rims and the thin tire over it. Well, that can’t be good for offroading! And it wasn’t, because this X3 is an M sport model and produces the same figures as the X5 and it is lighter than the X5. Which makes it even more.. hmm, what’s the word.. Violent!

The X3 was difficult to control with its teenage raging hormones and thin tires over the muddy terrain. We were making it do what it clearly doesn’t want to do. What the X3 likes to do, is cruise on a highway at 200 kms/hr and scare off anything in its way. This too has the dominating presence like its big brother and the fancy tech. There is a 3D version of the X3 on the onboard media screen which shows exactly what car is doing, like going over bumps and going down a descent.  That’s clever!

Then it was our turn with the humble X1. It was an M Sport as well. With much less tech and good enough power, the X1 too surprised us with its performance. This car reminds me of the velociraptors from the movie Jurassic world. There’s a scene were those raptors run through the jungle like there’s a buffet at the other end and that’s how this car accelerates!  Its blinding fast, even on a sandy open stretch.

Overall we loved all 3 cars for its unique characteristics and the go anywhere do anything capability! Combine that with BMW’s sporting heritage and you get an awesome package that you cannot ignore.

We have to give a special mention to the staff at BMW EVM Autokraft. They were very friendly and helpful and they coordinated this event very smoothly, I must say! With all that, I would definitely consider my next  car to be a BMW



BMW EVM Autokraft

23/649 A1, Angel Plaza, NH 47,

South Kalamassery, Kochi 682022