Its a car from the 60’s. The car, that has a cult following. The car, that started a whole new genre known as the “Muscle car”. The car which has a name lifted off of a world war 2 fighter plane and how badass is that!?

The mustang was such a hit with the American public, that it sold close to 400,000 cars in its first year and reached more than a million in sales by the third year.

Ford Mustang

Image source – Wikipedia

This is the car that put Ford on the map as a performance car maker.  Well, atleast in the United states and Britian. For us in India, where the critical criteria for buying a car is its fuel  efficiency and service costs, which meant that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for  Ford in India.

Fords history in India is littered with failed cars. Back in the 90’s when Ford started operations independently for the first time, it introduced the Ford Escort. A nice sedan for the emerging Indian market, when everyone was driving around in a Maruti 800, or wanted to buy one and here was a large sedan that most people couldn’t afford at the time.  So the Escort failed. Then it introduced the Ford Ikon, which didn’t fail, but wasn’t much of a success either. Then they introduced the Ford Mondeo, which failed miserably, since it was again too expensive for that time.

Then Ford came out with the Ford Fusion, which with no doubt.. failed.. then came the Ford Fiesta, now Ford was getting somewhere. The first generation fiesta was a success and that led to the small hatch, the Figo, which was a success as well and then there was the Ford Endeavour as well.

But still, Ford was never seen as a performance car maker in India. Not until now.

Ofcourse, not many people knew that Ford has beaten Ferrari, not once but 4 times in a row in 1966, ‘67, ‘68 and ‘69  with the Ford GT40 at the 24 Hour Le Mans race and the multiple WRC (world rally championship) titles with the Ford Focus RS, against many other European rivals.

For  over 50 years, the Mustang remained a mythical creature, the stuff of old legends like the unicorn or the werewolf,  among Mustang lovers in India and Britain.  Even though its priced way above what it actually costs (Thanks to import duties) and there are a few features missing and a few horse powers less than of the American counter part,  we still love the Mustang and we are glad that Ford has finally taken the Indian market seriously. Now its probably time to bring in the Ford Focus and the F150 Raptor ? Or maybe we aren’t ready for that yet.