What’s this blog all about then?

Time for a quick roadside brew, en route to Alpe d'Huez
Time for a quick roadside brew, en route to Alpe d’Huez

We are Ka-Wai and Ciaron, proud owners of ‘Hansel’, our VW California Ocean. On this site, you can read all about our road trips, the campsites we’ve stayed at, and anything we’ve learned along the way. We love to explore new places, hike in all seasons, mountain bike, road bike and snowboard, join us!

How DO you pronounce those names?

Just a quick note for anyone wondering how on earth you pronounce our names.

Ka-Wai isn’t particularly common, and is pronounced ‘Car Way’. Unless you’re one of my sisters, they say it slightly differently for some reason.

Ciaron is an Irish name, usually more familiar to people when it’s spelt Keiron / Kieran / Ciaran (plus other variants probably). In case you’re not sure, it’s like ‘keer’ (rhymes with cheer) + ‘un’. Although his mum would disagree.

Family, eh?

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